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Hay on Wye Images

Hay on Wye is different.

It’s on the border of England and Wales but doesn’t appear to be one or the other – technically it’s Welsh but in spirit it would like to be independent.

12. Photo Will Lewis 01497 847183

View of Hay from Cusop Hill taken with an ancient Nikon 4500 that I sadly dropped and broke.


Richard Booth has done more than anyone to make Hay what it is today. He started the bookshop trend that put Hay on the map and added his own quirkiness that gives Hay its unique character.

There are fewer bookshops in Hay than there used to be. Some may argue that’s a good thing as we now have a greater variety of shops.

DSC_0007Hay is well known for its Literary Festival which has its lighter moments too.

WIL_4257You never know what’s going to be around the next corner.

WIL_4192All that literary stuff can be tiring.


I think this sign gives a good impression of Hay humour.

13. Photo Will Lewis 01497 847183

A typical Hay bookshop.


A Hay back alley in winter.


A helpful signpost?!

14. Photo Will Lewis 01497 847183

Against the wall is the famous ‘Honesty Bookshop’. Basically you help yourself to a book or two and put the money in a hole in the wall.

15. Photo Will Lewis 01497 847183

Running through Hay is the River Wye – great for canoeing or swimming or….


……just having a quiet read whilst the world floats by.

Further information:

Photographs by Will Lewis Photography.


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