Posted by: photographytuition | June 25, 2014

Hay Festival 2014 photos.

You know when it’s Hay Festival time – it starts to rain – very, very heavily!

Hay Festival is mainly a literary event but it’s what goes on around the edges that makes it so much fun.


This gentleman encapsulates the absurdity of Hay. He is a time traveller. He answered all my questions about time travel utterly convincingly – but why. how, who is he really? It was great meeting him – he made my day.


A scene from around Hay.


This chair was for sale – don’t know about the cat.


Loved this guy. He’d been to the States and seen a number of people writing poetry on the streets so thought he’d give it a go here. I think the idea is that you give him a topic, go away for 10 minutes then come back and he’ll give you a freshly typed poem. Not sure about the cost.


Hay is definitely on the green, fair trade, ethical side of things. This shop is called 18 Rabbit.


This is the Africa Day, I don’t want to go there, Goat. As an offshoot from the festival there’s an African market, African drumming workshops and African influenced food. The goat is led, (towed?) around Hay to publicise the event.


Finally: this photo came second in a local 2015 calendar competition. Only second – I’ll have to do better next year. It not only represents July but is also, unusually, on the front cover.

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