Posted by: photographytuition | April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

On Good Friday and this morning, Easter Monday, I saw and heard cuckoos – one of the benefits of living in this unspoiled part of Wales.

One of the people I took out recently for a day’s Photography Tuition was an 18 year old who used a tripod for every shot.



I really liked the fact that he had his own methods and techniques – it wouldn’t suit everyone but he felt using a tripod made him slow down and concentrate more on composition.

Photo tip:

I always recommend a polarising filter as the best photo accessory you can get.

WIL_7168Mountain pond. Polariser attached but not adjusted to give it’s best effect.



Same shot but with polariser adjusted to give the best anti glare effect.

Of course the main benefits of polarisers is to darken blue skies and make puffy white clouds really stand out.

0345 (B)

Elan Valley, Mid Wales taken using a polarising filter.

Polarisers are expensive but it’s worth getting a good one like a Hoya as some of the cheaper ones can introduce unwanted colour casts.

If you have a number of lenses a way to save money is to buy a polarising filter for the biggest lens and a stepping ring so the filter can be adapted to fit the smaller lens. Stepping rings can be bought for a few pounds from

I had a great day recently photographing farm animals for

Good Day Out organises trips to an organic farm in the Brecon Beacons – more on this in the next blog. Meanwhile how cute is this!


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