Posted by: photographytuition | March 26, 2014

Submerged forest at Borth, West Wales.

As a result of the winter storms a submerged forest has reappeared – basically the sand covering the forest has been washed away but will gradually cover it up. If you want to see it go now. At low tide!

Click on photos to enlarge.


The submerged forest with Borth (just north of Aberystwyth) in the background.

I found it quite difficult finding out more about the forest. A good site I came across was places/submerged forest.


The forest attracted quite a few visitors even though the weather was awful.

Tree stump.

Because of the prospects of wind, rain and salt I left my DSLR and took my pocketable Sony RX100.


The forest is thousands of years old but the trees are not fossilised, just incredibly well preserved.

BORTH 012This photo, near Ynyslas, a few miles north of Borth, shows the layers of peat.


This photo reminds me of those you see on the news of people looking at a washed up whale.




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