Posted by: photographytuition | March 10, 2014

Nikon D600 recall.

Nikon brought out the D600 full frame DSLR in 2012. There were immediately complaints about dust issues on the sensor. Nikon denied this but on 26th February 2014 they announced that they would carry out free, even if out of warranty, ‘inspection and corrective servicing.’

So they are not calling it a recall but that’s what it amounts to.

My connection with all of this is that I bought a D600 in July 2013. I’d read about the dust/dirt/oil marks, thought to be related to the shutter mechanism, but reasoned that a reputable company like Nikon would have sorted out the problem after a year or so of manufacture.

I was wrong and it seems the D610 released in October 2013 is the sorted out D600.

I saw the Nikon alert for a free repair of the D600 on 26th February and guessed that they would very soon be inundated with cameras for repair. So the very next day I sent my camera off to Nikon (free postage label available online). A few days later I had an email saying it had arrived. I’m now waiting for the return of my camera and will let you know when I get it back.

Clearly Nikon have been a bit slow sorting out the D600 dust issues but offering every owner free corrective servicing (thought to be a new shutter mechanism) is a bold and reassuring move.

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