Posted by: photographytuition | October 31, 2013

Seals and dolphins in west Wales.

I’ve been to New Quay in west Wales a few times recently, attracted by coastal scenery and the dolphins and seals.

WIL_6068Nikon D7000 with Nikon 300mm f4. ISO 400, 1/3000 sec f4.8, cropped. Taken from the coast path above New Quay.

Britain has 2 areas where bottlenose dolphins are resident, Cardigan Bay in west Wales and the Moray Firth in east Scotland. The best place to see them in Wales is from the harbour wall at New Quay. It’s so easy and the views are so good it’s surprising more people don’t go and watch them.

During the summer months Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre,  ( has volunteers on the harbour wall monitoring the dolphins and seals. They are happy to show you where to look.

WIL_6251Nikon D7000 with 300mm f4.  I’m no seal expert but I reckon this is a Grey Seal. This was taken near Llangranog, a few miles down the coast from New Quay. I watched the seal playing with this buoy for about an hour. Sometimes it would pull the buoys rope and drag it under.


Other times it tried to grab the buoy, a bit like it was trying to mate with it.

WIL_5693During the autumn the seal mums leave their pups on remote beaches and go off and feed. At first sight these pups look dead and abandoned but they are just resting, waiting for mum to return with their next feed of milk.

WIL_5693_01Seal pup on it’s back – resting peacefully.

WIL_6100Ynys Lochtyn, near Llangranog, where I was watching the seal and where you can frequently see dolphins – a stunning headland.

WIL_6169Llangranog at high tide.

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