Posted by: photographytuition | September 24, 2013

Ever walked inside a dam?

The Elan Valley in mid Wales is an area of dams and reservoirs supplying  the Birmingham area with their water.

A few times a year they have ‘Dam Days’ when you can actually walk inside the dam and come out on the tower in the middle of the dam.NIK_2308_01

This is an early morning autumnal view of Pen y Garreg Dam. On the dam open days you enter the dam on the right, walk inside the dam to the tower and carry on walking to the left. The passageway is quite narrow hence the one way system. And, in case you’re wondering, you have to walk down the valley to the next bridge to get back. It’s not too far and the scenery is lovely.


A winter view of the dam from downstream showing the bridge I mentioned above. When the water levels are high the excess water floods over the dam.


The passageway inside the dam. It’s naturally lit by daylight coming through the grills to the right where you can see and hear the water cascading down. Nikon D600 with Nikon 18-35 f3.5-4G at 22mm. ISO 6400, 1/10th sec f3.8, handheld.


Steps leading up from the passageway to the tower in the middle of the dam.


Looking back to the dam entrance – the person in red is about to enter.


View from the tower – a bit of a grey day I’m afraid.


The steps leading up to the exit. Nikon D600 with 18-35 lens at 18mm. ISO 6400 1/125 sec at f3.5.

The Elan Valley has a number of Dam Open Days every year. The next one is 30th October 2013. Entry is a very reasonable £1-00 per person.

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