Posted by: photographytuition | August 24, 2013

Good day out in the Brecon Beacons

Recently I’ve been working for a new company called run by Julia Blazer.

Julia’s idea is to sell experience days like dry stone walling or hedgehog rescue that benefit the countryside in general.

The problem with a new business like this is you need photographs to illustrate the activities but until you’ve actually done them you can’t get photos!

The solution: make do with any photos you can get your hands on and then when activities take place get me to go along and take photos which are then added to the website.


You can book from a whole host of countryside activities like hawking – above.




Some of the activities offered are just for fun, like gorge walking, above.  (Don’t know why they call it ‘walking’ –  they seemed to spend most of their time jumping into deep pools).



During the Brecon Jazz Festival Julia organised a jazz cruise on the local canal. Helped by lovely weather (and a lot of wine!) it was a great success.


A rescued baby hedgehog at Howey Hedgehog Rescue.

A good proportion of the money raised goes towards the particular organisation or charity.

Good day out has it’s heart in the right place and I feel very privileged to be their photographer.

If you’d like to contact me:


Or if you would like to improve your photography please see


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