Posted by: photographytuition | July 13, 2013

Isle of Mull, Scotland,

I went on a short visit to the Isle of Mull last month to get my annual fix of Scotland.

I stayed in a B&B at Fionnphort on the Ross of Mull – the sticky out bit on the left.

I’ve been trying to photograph adders for years and, to my surprise, the B&B owner said there were lots on Mull and pointed me in the right direction.

Click on photos to enlarge.


This photo is of the deserted village of Shiaba. I was told adders were in this area.


I saw 7 in all!

If I hadn’t been told they were around I probably wouldn’t have seen any but I moved slowly and quietly and bingo! They were all sitting in the grass on tops of old walls. After years of searching for them I was very pleased.

I then walked to the coast for a picnic lunch and what appeared were 2 otters, a mum and her cub. swimming in the sea below. Sadly because I was kitted out for adder photography I only had my 16-85 and 70-200 lenses and not the 300mm I really needed for these distant otters.

However while I was watching the otters along came 8 Commom Dolphins ( not all visible at the same time).


If you click on the dolphins you can just about make out a very small young one.

Common Dolphin  aren’t native to UK so they are not seen as often as Bottlenose Dolphins – in fact I’ve only seen them once before.

So, in the space of 3 hours I saw 2 otters, 7 adders and 8 dolphins – a brilliant day in a beautiful location


View from Shiaba looking across to the Paps of Jura on the Isle of Jura.

All photos Nikon D7000 with Nikon 70-200 f4.

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