Posted by: photographytuition | March 8, 2013

New waterfall

I discovered a new waterfall in remotest Mid Wales last week – Sgwd Y Firwd. The waterfall’s not new of course just new to me.

It’s on The Explorer series of OS maps 187 and 200 at map reference 862561.

Park at the car parking place marked on the map just north east of Abergwesyn and walk a couple of hundred yards up the road to the start of the well marked footpath. Note the ford marked on the map. This is what it says it is and makes the walk impassable if there’s been heavy rain, so watch out!


Nikon D7000 with 16-85mm at 18
mm, ISO 100, 1 second f11. Hoya Pro1 Neutral Density filter NDx32.  Tripod.

As you can see it was frozen in parts. The valley generally is beautiful – great for birdlife in the lower, wooded section – I’ll be back!

Dust in sensors:

I used to think that dust got into cameras when you changed lenses yet my cameras have clearly gathered dust even though I haven’t taken the lenses off. My guess is that zoom lenses suck air and dust into the camera and deposit it on the sensor. Unfortunately my much used 16-85mm seems particularly good at this! I wonder if we’ll ever see a test where they measure the dust gathering characteristics of various lenses. Maybe the answer is to buy expensive weather sealed pro lenses. Or prime lenses.


Nikon D7000 with 16-85mm at 78mm. ISO 100, 1/1000sec f8. Exposure – 1/2 stop.

This photo was taken on a recent frosty morning in my local hills, the Black Mountains. Is it too subtle?

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Thanks, Will Lewis.



  1. That waterfall is beautiful and appears to come from no where. I also like the foggy morning photos as it looks like a watercolor(colour).
    I’m giving a presentation next month on Hay on Wye and our photo expedition which led me back to your site. It was a wonderful two days spent exploring with you and I am still holding my camera the way you showed me. Hope all is well with you.

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