Posted by: photographytuition | October 12, 2012

Camera chat

New cameras seem to be appearing every day – it’s hard to keep up.

I was particularly interested to see the new Sony DSC-RX1 which is a full-frame compact camera – the first?  It almost sounds like a contradiction: full-frame and compact. In fact it isn’t exactly compact, it wouldn’t slip in your pocket, but it’s smaller and lighter than most digital slr cameras with much smaller APS-C sized sensors. It comes with a 35mm fixed focal length lens. Cost? £2800!!!

I’m still searching for a top quality compact camera using a APS-C sized sensor. I’ve got a Nikon P7100 which has a small sensor and consequently doesn’t produce quite the quality I’m after. It also has a next to useless viewfinder. So, I’m thinking, if Sony can bring out a compact camera with a huge sensor why isn’t there a neat, compact camera with an APS-C sized sensor? Oh, and it must have a good, built-in viewfinder and a reasonable zoom range. Canon G1X?: Reasonable zoom and viewfinder but hardly compact. One of the Fuji Finepix range? Possibly.

Click on image to enlarge.

Nikon D7000 with Nikon 300mm f4 lens. ISO 280. 1/250 second f8 hand held. Exposure at -1/2 stop. Cropped.

It must be Autumn when the squirrels start pinching the walnuts off my neighbours tree.

Camera chat continued: And then there are the new,smaller, full frame DSLR cameras. Nikon brought out the D800 then a slightly better one the D800E to sell along side it and if that wasn’t enough they’ve now brought out a slightly smaller, cheaper version, a so called entry level full frame model, the D600. Cheaper yes but it still costs nearly £2000 just for the body!

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  1. When you find a decent point and shoot camera I’d love to hear about it. I’ve had my Canon G10 for years and it’s terrible in low light and with only a 3x zoom it just doesn’t cut it. Like you, I want a view finder, a decent zoom, good in low light and it has to shoot RAW. And so, for now, I rely on my Canon 5DMkII and keep it in my purse so I have it wherever I go…along with a few other cameras, and yes, I am still hauling my own gear.

    • Hi Gretchen,
      Great to hear from you and apologies for not replying sooner. I haven’t looked at my blog for ages and just came across 2 messages from you.
      I’m so lucky to live in an area with so many waterfalls. When I visited that one in the blog I was quite fearful as I walked in sub zero temperatures across very rough moorland – not on a path, out of phone range – am I stupid or do I worry too much?
      Compact cameras. Saw a friend yesterday and he’d just bought a Fuji X100s for £950! APS size sensor, fixed 23mm f2 lens, excellent viewfinder. Looked great but so it should at that price. He wants it for candid people shots but wouldn’t suit me as I’d want a zoom lens.
      For me the starting point on any small camera is a good sized sensor and a viewfinder – a real one, not a token effort like the one in my Nikon P7100. The sensor in the G series and my Nikon is tiny. A Fuji X10/X20 is marginally better. If I had to buy a point and shoot camera tomorrow I’d get a Sony RX100 – tiny camera limited zoom, biggish sensor but no viewfinder.
      Hope that helps!
      Best to get me at

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