Posted by: photographytuition | August 30, 2012

In-camera effects.

My Nikon D7000 has a load of options in the Retouch Menu that enable you to create different effects, in-camera.

Unaltered photo.

Above is a photo I took of an old cabin in the Elan Valley area of Mid Wales. I used this photo whilst it was still in the camera to create the following effects.

Fisheye effect.

Colour sketch effect

Miniature effect

Soft focus effect.

Colour outline effect.

The colour outline photo was very bright so I darkened it. All the others are straight from the camera.

A wooden cabin doesn’t suit all the effects very well.

See below for  another, better (?) example of  colour sketch.

Unaltered photo.

Colour sketch effect.

Then there are the starburst filter effects where you can change the number and length of the points of the ‘star’. Below is just one of many possible variations.

Starburst filter effect.

Overall these effects are probably best described as fun or gimmicks. I can’t see myself ever using them. Do they really have a place on a serious camera like the D7000?

I run camera courses in Mid Wales and the Brecon Beacons. If you would like to contact me email: or ring 01497 847183 or take a look at my website


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