Posted by: photographytuition | May 18, 2012

The Begwns, near Hay on Wye,

The Begwns is an area of upland, common land owned by the National Trust. It’s a favourite place of mine and I want to show you a selection of photos I took there a few evenings ago.

I used  a Nikon D7000 with a 300mm f4 lens for all the shots, all hand held. All photos were taken with the exposure compensation set at -1/2 stop. I find this setting works best in the evening light.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Reeds on a pond on The Begwns. ISO 400, 1/250 second, f8.

The Nikon 300mm f4 lens doesn’t have a close-up setting but can still focus pretty close as you can see from the next shot.

Insect and gorse. ISO 400. 1/1000sec, f6.7.

The Nikon 300mm doesn’t have vibration reduction and is pretty hard to hold steady, hence the fast shutter speeds.

Coot in a flap. ISO 400. 1/1500sec, f5.6.

Where mum goes I will follow. ISO 400. 1/1500sec, f5.6.

Refection of trees in pond. Taken in colour and converted to black and white. ISO 400. 1/1500sec, f8.

Two cuckoos. ISO 800. 1/750sec, f4. Cropped and sharpened.

I was just leaving The Begwns when I heard ‘cuckoo’. It was 8-30pm and the light was getting a bit dim, hence the highish ISO.

A tip for anyone wanting to see a cuckoo: if you can hear it you should be able to see it. They usually perch in the top of a tree but they don’t stay in one spot for long as they get mobbed by other birds – look out for agitated small birds.

One lens, one location, one hour. The Begwns, an amazing place.

If you would like to contact me my email address is or if you would like to join me on a photography course to The Begwns or other areas of Mid Wales take a look at my website




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