Posted by: photographytuition | March 30, 2012

Wildlife photography

One of my students asked me recently why their wildlife photos weren’t as good as the ones in magazines.

It seems pretty obvious but I pointed out that what he was seeing were the best, the very best photos – not the failures, not the OK shots but the tip of the iceberg, the very rare brilliant shots. That made him feel a bit better about his attempts.

At this point I’d like to show you a photo of an adder. I’ve spent 3 full days, driving hundreds of miles, going to perfect locations, searching in vain for an adder. Guess what? No adder , no photo.

Common Lizard. Nikon D7000 with 16-85mm lens at 78mm. ISO 400, 1/750 sec f8.

The best I can manage is a picture of a lizard!

You don’t usually hear of the failures but I admit I failed – this won’t stop me trying though and before this year is out I’m determined to get a picture of an adder.

It won’t be a cheat photo either. An adder in a cage, a tame adder or one I’ve been feeding or paid someone to feed for the last 6 months to get reliant on the food and become semi tame.

I explained to my student that not all ‘wildlife’ shots are always quite what they seem!

Grey Seal. Nikon D70 wth 70-300mm lens at 300mm. ISO 400, 1/500 sec, f8.

The above photo is of a genuine wild Grey Seal – honest!


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