Posted by: photographytuition | December 14, 2011

What is the best camera accessory?

Apart from all the essentials like batteries and memory cards I’d say the number one camera accessory in winter is not really a camera accessory at all but gloves, special fingerless gloves.

Seriously. I see people struggling with gloves that are so thick they can’t operate the buttons or they have no gloves at all and are hurting with cold. Photography should be about enjoyment, not pain!

I love going up into the Brecon Beacons mountains in winter for the light and the shear drama of it. If it’s windy  it sure is cold! Gloves are essential and I’ve tried them all – wool, fleece, cotton, polyester, conventional, fingerless, mittens, mitten/fingerless combinations – but the ones that stand out for me are Possum gloves from New Zealand. Full name: Merino-Possum Thermal Fingerless Gloves and you can get them from for £15-95. Maybe other places too.  (I have no connection with this company – I bought mine direct from New Zealand).

I’ve had my Possum gloves for 3 years and wear them all the time – they still look brilliant.

For my all year round number one photo accessory, a polariser, see my blog of 19th July 2011.

Old, but still good Possum gloves. Nikon D7000 with 16-85mm lens at 48mm. Camera set to Auto, flash on. ISO 800, 1/60 sec f5.

I can’t remember the last time I set a camera to Auto! For a quick, record shot I thought I’d give it a try. It’s interesting to see the settings the camera chose. ISO 800 seems a bit odd as the camera was very close to the subject and the flash was on so the amount of light wasn’t an issue – the flash is quite capable of producing enough light at that distance to use ISO 100. Similarly it could have selected f8 rather than f5. But it did the job OK.

You’re very welcome to come on one of my Photography Tuition sessions and try out my gloves! Better still you can also try out my Nikon cameras and lenses for free. Tuition sessions are available any day of the week, any month of the year.

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  1. I’m still looking for a way to keep my hands warm on winter outings. Don’t your finger tips freeze?
    By the way, Merry Christmas and happy shooting in the New Year.

    • I find if my hands are warm my finger tips are OK.
      For me it’s essential to have my fingertips free to operate the camera.

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