Posted by: photographytuition | November 18, 2011

Manfrotto M-Y 732CY-A3RC1 tripod kit review

Manfrotto M-Y 732CY-A3RC1 carbon fibre tripod and 3 way head. Photo details: Nikon D7000 with 16-85mm lens at 35mm. ISO 2200, 1/90sec (hand held - I could have done with a tripod!) f8. WB (white balance) set manually to 5000K.

Manfrotto often come up with a bargain priced tripod at this time of year – this time I couldn’t resist it!

Under £100 for a carbon fibre tripod with a 3-way head (that’s the A3RC1 bit) has got to be a good deal.

Tripod specifications:

Legs = 4 section carbon fibre with 2 stage movement outwards

Head = 3 way pan and tilt with quick release mount included

Central column = reversable

Folded size = 50cm

Max height with column up = 142cms – perfect working height for me – I’m 180cms/5’11” tall.

Weight = 1.32kg

Max load = 3.5kg

What’s it like?

Great! Perfect size folded and erected. Comfortably fits in my daysack. Reassuringly weighty but not heavy.

The bottom leg sections look a bit spindly but the tripod, even at its maximum height feels stable. Good enough for any DSLR.

The head is made from a hard plastic and works very well. I was pleasantly surprised to get an excellent quick release mount included. The only thing missing is a spirit level but I prefer to use a level that fits in the camera hot shoe anyway.

Overall: good, lightweight, portable tripod – everything works really well.

Buying details: I bought the tripod from Amazon for £99 inc delivery (took 2 days). Today price (10/02/12) is £91 inc delivery!

NOTE: I have no connection with any of the products I review and no connection with any of the suppliers. I buy the stuff the same as you do and I don’t get any payment or perks for reviewing the equipment.

You are very welcome to try out this tripod, and others, on one of my Photography Tuition courses. In addition you can use  my Nikon cameras and lenses for free!

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  1. Thank you for this review and the nice picture — better than anything I could find on any shop or Manfrotto’s own site.

    I’m going to have to treat myself now!

  2. Thanks, now selling for £89.99 from jessops

    • Hi Mick,
      Thanks for that. Did you buy one? Do you like it?

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