Posted by: photographytuition | September 9, 2011

Is photo editing necessary?

If you’ve read some of my other blogs you’ll know that I don’t do photo editing. I’ve nothing against it it’s just that I honestly don’t find any need to do it.

I guess a career in archaeology photography may have something to do with it. In archaeology you’re always under time and money pressures. There’s no second chance – often the feature you’re photographing is bulldozered away minutes after taking the photo. So it has to be right.

These days with digital photography there’s really no excuse in producing a photo that isn’t dead right. It’s very important to look at the image you’ve just taken on the screen. Really look at it. For at least 10 seconds. If your camera switches off the image on playback quicker than 10 seconds I suggest you look through the menu and reset it to a minimum of 10 seconds. Check the image for composition, exposure, sharpness (by zooming in as far as you can go) and colour casts. Look at the screen and look at the scene you’ve just taken. Your eyes should flick back and forth from screen to scene checking out brightnesses, colours etc.

A big factor here is the quality of the screen – older digital cameras didn’t have great screens making it much harder to judge the  photo you’d just taken. Most cameras now have large 3″ screens with more ‘dots’ producing brighter, contrastier images.

Last point on screens: I don’t like screen protectors – (a piece of glass over the screen). They dull the image making it more difficult to judge the photo. They are used to ‘protect’ the screen but my extremely well used Nikon D80’s screen is still in perfect condition – they’re tougher than you think.

Nikon 7000. ISO 400.16-85mm lens at 46mm, 1/60sec f5.6.

Todays picture is not upside down! It’s the roof of a dome building made out of old bottles – they cheated with the red ones by painting clear ones red. The dome is in Westonbury Mill Water Gardens, Pembridge Herefordshire.

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