Posted by: photographytuition | August 5, 2011

Autumn Photography Special Offer

For September, October and November I’m offering free tuition for a second person. So if you want to bring a friend or partner along for tuition they pay absolutely nothing.

Autumn around here is stunning – the bracken on the hills goes a reddish brown:

Nikon D80, 16-85mm at 22mm. ISO 400 1/20sec (hand held) f8. Exposure -1/2 stop.

Mornings are often misty:

Nikon D80 16-85mm at 42mm. ISO 200. 1/500sec f8.

And rivers go red:

Nikon D80 16-85mm at 50mm. ISO 200 1/6sec (tripod) f16. Exposure - 1/2 stop.

Look forward to seeing you!

You can book a Photography Tuition session for any day of the week, any month of the year. Nikon cameras and lenses are available for use, free of charge!

To find out more see or email me


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