Posted by: photographytuition | July 29, 2011

Simple photo editing

For the first time ever I’ve actually done some image editing!

A few evenings ago I went up into the hills above Hay on Wye and took some photos of wild ponies. One of the ponies had been booted out of the herd – lots of kicking and screaming. He looked so sad and I think I’ve captured that in the shot.

Problem was there was a great big hair on the sensor leaving a horrible mark on the photo. I’ve never had to do photo editing before as I believe in getting the image right, in the camera. However this photo needed fixing.

Photograph before editing. The hair is to the left and above the ponies head.

I looked online for free photo editing programs and found lots of conflicting and confusing advice. I thought I’d better double check what programs I had on my computer before downloading something. I opened up a photo in Windows Photo Gallery, clicked on ‘open’ and found ‘paint’. Bingo! Paint brushes, airbrushes – just what I wanted.

Nikon D80 ISO 320. 16-85mm at 85mm. 1/750sec f8. Exposure -1.

It’s not a perfect fix but I am only a beginner!


It worries me that I could have gone on a job, taking hundreds of photos, all with a hair on the sensor. Memo to self: check for dirt on sensor before every job.

The way I check for a dirty sensor is to set the aperture to something like f32 and point it at a light coloured wall. I wave the camera around during the long exposure – the dirt on the sensor remains looking sharp. I then zoom in on playback to check for dirt. Maybe I shouldn’t but I ignore tiny grey specks.

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