Posted by: photographytuition | July 4, 2011

Hay-on-Wye Walking Festival

I was asked to provide photos for the front and back covers for the Hay on Wye Walking  Festival brochure (October 7th to 9th). They wanted a portrait view of Hay Bluff – the hill overlooking Hay. At this time of year the light can be hazy and lacking in ‘atmosphere’ during the middle of the day so I planned to go to the Bluff in the morning and if necessary in the evening. Hay Bluff isn’t a particularly striking looking hill so I knew I’d have to find a way of making it more interesting. As I was driving up to Hay Bluff I saw a group of wild ponies. I quickly parked the car, grabbed my gear and followed after them. Luckily they wandered closer to Hay Bluff and I was getting some reasonable shots. They settled down in a little valley which gave me time to catch my breath and take some more shots. I waited to see what their next move would be to see if I could get better shots. Eventually they started drifting towards me and I snapped away getting, hopefully , the cover picture for the brochure.

Hay Bluff. Nikon D80. ISO 250. 16-85 lens at 26mm. 1/500sec f8.

UPDATE: My photos were used for the front and rear covers of the Hay on Wye Walking Festival brochure and leaflet and other promotional material.

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